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Todd Gurley praises Fantasy owner who donated to his charity

It’s no secret many NFL players don’t like Fantasy Football, but some good can come out of it for these athletes.

Rams running back Todd Gurley had a prolific season, and those Fantasy teams that owned him benefited, as well.

As the first former walk-on to win the Heisman since the NCAA began allowing athletic scholarships in 1950.

As the transfer from Texas Tech who arrived at Oklahoma in 2014 without an invitation, much less a scholarship, and played intramural softball while waiting for the Sooners’ spring practices to start.

As the player who helped breathe new life into an Oklahoma program that had gone stale before leading the Sooners to three consecutive Big 12 titles and two playoff appearances.

As the quarterback who carried every slight on his shoulder, beginning with all the coaches who passed on him as an undersized high school recruit, deemed too small and too slow to play at the FBS level.

While Mayfield is tops among draft-eligible quarterbacks in adjusted completion percentage on deep passes, according to Pro Football Focus (h/t, and he’s led the FBS in completion percentage the past two seasons, concerns about his height and maturity have some doubting his pro prospects.

He may be a (bone)-head or a bad person, but I like the whole package. I like what I see from his talent, an NFL executive told Yahoo! Sports.

Mayfield has enough arm strength to make any throw, the executive added. His accuracy on the move is very impressive. Now with where the game is going, there’s only so many Tom Bradys and Peyton Mannings (in terms of dropback style). The defenses are getting so fast, you have to survive with your legs and he can.

An ownership source said owners might not be so quick to approve the deal, because they wouldn’t want to establish a precedent. The NFL’s finance committee also would have to vet Gruden; it would be that body, along with input from several owners, that would be responsible for raising an objection to an ownership clause.

Even if Gruden’s deal is not approved because of the ownership condition, his contract could be negotiated in a way that would pay him a commensurate amount if fellow owners or the finance committee did not approve the deal.

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